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Mayreau Genadine Islans Mission Trip


In March 2019 Jennifer Geiselhofer, the owner of Dental At Your Door and Founder/ Executive Director of Deserving Dental, Non Profit organization traveled to Mayreau of St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands on a solo dental hygiene mission trip.

The island of Mayreau is 1.5 miles long by 1/2 mile wide with a population of only 350 people.

The island does not have a dentist, and a medical doctor visits only once a month.

If the locals need to see a dentist, they have to take a 4 hour ferry ride to the island of St Vincent.

This ride is a large expense that they do not have.

In addition to the cost of the ferry, there is also the cost to see the dentist and finding a room to sleep for the night because the ferry doesn't return to Mayreau until the next day. 

Jennifer provided free dental cleanings, exams, oral cancer screenings, oral health education, and applied a product called SDF ( Silver Diamine Fluoride) to decaying teeth to arrest the cavities without the use of a shot or drill. 

Little boys on the island of Mayreau after their dental cleaning and check up.

Little boys on the island of Mayreau after their dental cleaning and check up. 


Setting up the clinic dental hygiene mission, day one


Dental Hygiene Mission


Dental Hygiene Mission Day two